I’ve tattooed my way to circumnavigate the planet 3 times over the last 9 years as a homeless adventurer, visiting over 50 countries, earning my title of “traveling tattooer.” I aim to sail the 7 seas, and immerse myself in the wonderful mysteries of our planet and its culture before setting my sights on leaving earth & becoming the first human to tattoo in space. During my eleven year career I have worked at 30+ tattoo shops in too many countries to count. Most of my career and over 20% of my life has been spent on the road with no plans to stop until I have a decade of adventuring under my belt to match poor, tormented Odysseus. During my travels I have learned many cultural styles and techniques of tattooing. My life is full of incredible experiences, awe inspiring discovery and the purest form of anthropology that I know. I’m luckier than most, with this job, my ridiculous luck and my gypsy heart. I feel a great responsibility to explore and expose our world to others to bring our species closer. In tattooing, I maintain a code: never waiver from the traditional rules of the art as set down by Coleman, Sailor Jerry, Zeke Owens, Ed Hardy, Mike Malone & those living & dead that carry the fire so that a man like me can apply this sacred craft. I work to be versatile enough to tattoo in nearly every style while treating my clients with respect, working with an ethic to make sure that if you show up before closing, you’ll get tattooed. I’m a street shop tattooer for life, I love not having a clue what I’ll be doing that day. I don’t do back pieces or portraits, save that for the big tattooers. This business can be nasty and bitter but I try my best not to get sucked in by its negativity. I try to have each of my clients leave with an experience, not just a tattoo that will look good until they’re dead. Im obnoxious, I’m fun, I say a lot of shit I shouldn’t in hopes that my clients will always remember me for that. I would loathe being remembered as the typical “cool guy” tattooer with a long wait and a shitty attitude. When you come into the shop, I make sure you feel comfortable and know that I’m not better than you, in the end, I just have a fucking tattoo machine and have put the time in to apply better tattoos each day. I don’t have a home and who knows where I could be next but if we cross paths, my desire is that we can make you a permanent souvenir to mark part of your life journey as it intersects with mine. My rates are typically determined by the shop where I’ll be working, which the industry standard is anywhere from $100 to $200 USD per hour.



Traditionally painted Tattoo Flash created while wandering the Earth. Originals and Prints available in the Gift Shop.