The internet can be a terrifying place. You need someone with a future lantern to help you navigate the darkness. I apply the same basic rules to coding and the internet as for tattooing: simple and streamlined stand the test of time.

On the back end of a website you want a fully responsive design that is able to adapt to ever changing platforms and devices, at home, mobile in any operating system.

Since I am a Tattooer, I focus heavily on Tattoo shop websites. I understand the pressures of the job, and how precious time becomes, so I offer a full service. I don’t fuck around with fast-talking code-hustle to try and confuse you with nerd-speak. Ill give it to you straight so we can create a website that will get clients in the door.

For both tattoo and non-tattoo shop websites, I make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Prices start at $3500. The more time involved the more it costs. The process starts with a simple questionnaire and interview to identify color themes and details you would like to incorporate and the assets needed to create a hyper-fast impression-generating beast.