I have done publishing design mostly on historical tattoo books but am experienced with children’s books and even a Tony award winning Broadway play. Publishing Design is typically done with a program called Adobe Indesign. Working with any publishing application is a lot like building a house of cards; if one card is out of place the whole house falls and you’ll have to start again. Each of the book projects I have undertaken have included the first act: all the materials being thrown in my lap, and the second act, I create an epic publication in which I have put in grueling hours and the finest attention to the smallest details. In the book “The Tattooers Almanac” I was literally a one-man magazine company, where dozens of people would have worked, I succeeded alone. Publication design takes me to a place, where the ability to dance between dimensions and substantiate between forms certainly comes in handy. Publication design is usually an all consuming project. It’s long, late hours, spelling, grammar, layout, it takes a whole lot to make it happen. With that in mind, I don’t take on book projects lightly, or cheaply. It is a gargantuan task that requires the Yorkatronic touch, a touch that is able to keep projects within profit margins. Every book I have undertaken has had great numbers as the end result and I pride myself in my ability to come up with creative and interesting ways to visually engage the reader.