Sigh. . . design these days, it seems to me, is stuck on “repeat.” The modern American car industry is much the same. At one times US auto design had balls, panache– it was grand and gorgeous and tough and risky. It was fast and changed as quickly as imagination. Ignoring our history is the same as slaughtering our future, and with that in mind, I consider design.

If I feel the project will improve if I slide it to the space between dimensions, so shall it be. The balance of my mind must be tilted in order to achieve something truly unique. Typically with commission-based art, the client drains life from the project and you end up with another Toyota clone. You’re hiring an artist to make their rendition of your idea. You are not hiring someone to extract the pictures out of your brain. In the case of Yorkatronic, if you let an inter-dimensional time baron of wickedness glide on the glass wings the Gods gave him, you’ll get more than you wanted; a final project that is a mutated marvel that will electrocute everyone that looks upon it.


Rates for illustrations and logo design start at $400