Design & illustration

Illustrations and Logos blessed with fire & bathed in blood. Don’t be a coward you cunt! I’m the only designer in exitence from a future that collided with your past! Nothing says fresh like future meets past…sweet tits!

web design

The museum of code has grown cold. In its maze like depths, you’ll need a quasi-hallucenating guide. Don’t be fooled, the inter-web is fucked up place. Fabricated purely by children’s fear,  spider’s tears & timepiece gears


Werewolves tearing down the cabin door you once thought safe? “SAVE US!” Really?…such a bore. If I deem your project worthy & you’ve got the gold…you’ll have the greatest, silver bullet gunslinger left alive, ready to break ’em off some


The industry standard for design is about $60 per hour. Being a tattooing, Inter-Dimensional time baron, I’m pretty competitive when it comes to price, considering when you face the afterlife, the Gods that created me will surely note that you supported their creation…or didn’t. Design is like tattooing, just about everyone has a cousin that does it out of their garage and just like tattooing, you’ll always get what you’ve paid for. Luckily, I will happily fix it, which will cost you a lot more in the end, so you might as well do it right the first time. I spent most of my life wrecking my father’s computers ,infuriating the poor man while taking them apart and then piecing them back together before finally sending myself off to school in order to better my abilities and style. I make up for it these days walking him through his purchases of new tech or cameras etc.

If you want it done, with a hawk’s eye for detail, fire me a message. These days I am a lot more selective about the projects I take on due to my work load, and require a 75% down payment to begin work that can be held in escrow until the project is finished and final delivery will be made upon full payment or bonus structure agreement.


Hand Painted designs or logos start at $300.