Since the digital revolution, freezing moments in time is often overlooked. Capturing the fleeting moments of existence before the past swallows it and our memory fails us is such a wondrous thing. It’s depressing to think that something so precious to our identity is no longer valued as it once was. I yearn for the days of film, silver halide crystals on celluloid reacting to the amount of light you expose it to. There is a reason they called it the “Magic of the Silver Screen.” Back then, each shot was such an investment financially and emotionally and therefore photography was considered an art rather than a convenience. I’ve been able to find purpose hunting for these small handful of captures during my life, and in ways escape the loneliness of the road. One day, I will post some of my film portfolio from my younger years. I’ve always tried to communicate the beauty, diversity and fragility of life through my images, while trying to expose as much of the world to those that might be inspired to venture out of their comfort zone and into the magic out there waiting to be found. I have always dreamt of owning an old medium format Hasselblad, something I imagine will be my greatest friend if I wander into my elder years. I am currently shooting with a canon M3 and future-tech camera called the Light 16.